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Telescope and Instrument Documentation

Telescopes/Instruments Available For Scheduling

Available Telescopes and Instruments

CCD and IR Control Manuals

An Observer's Guide to Taking CCD Data with ICE    [PDF Version]
IR Instrument Control System WildFire    [PDF Version]
The WIYN Arcon-IRAF Interface: A User's Guide    [PDF Version]

Imaging Manuals

Direct Imaging Manual for Kitt Peak    [PDF Version]
KPNO MOSAIC CCD Imager User Manual    [PDF Version]
MOSAIC - General Documentation
The WIYN Mini-Mosaic Imager Manual    [PDF Version]
Filter Information
NEWFIRM User Information

WHIRC: WIYN High-Resolution Infrared Camera Information
Imagers no longer in use at KPNO:
IR Imager Manual    [PostScript]
TIFKAM/ONIS Infrared Imaging Spectrograph - Instrument Reference Manual
The WIYN Tip/Tilt Imager (WTTM) Manual    [PDF Version]
SQIID Simultaneous Quad Infrared Imaging Detector User's Manual    [PDF Version]
FLAMINGOS IR Imaging/Spectrograph Information

Spectroscopy Manuals

Low-to-Moderate Resolution Optical Spectroscopy Manual for Kitt Peak    [PDF Version]

KOSMOS Instrument Manual
The 4-Meter R. C. Spectrograph - Instrument Reference Manual    [PDF Version]
Multi-Slits at Kitt Peak: A Manual for Designing and Using Entrance Masks for Low/Moderate-Resolution Spectroscopy    [PDF Version]
The Multi-Aperture Red Spectrometer (MARS) Manual
A CCD Atlas of Helium/Neon/Argon Spectra    [PDF Version]
Echelle Spectrograph Instrumentation Operation Manual    [PDF Version]
Hydra/WIYN Users Manual [PDF Version] -v6
A Quick Guide to Reducing WIYN Hydra Data    [PDF Version]
Spectral Atlas Central
Phoenix User's Home Page
IRAF Phoenix Data Reduction Exercise [README]- download the 17MB tar file

Spectrographs no longer in use at KPNO:
The Revised Gold Camera User's Manual ^M    [PDF Version]
Coudé Spectrograph    [PDF Version]
Coudé Feed Telescope Help Pages    [PDF Version]
IRMOS Performance Summary 14Mar06    [PDF Version]
TIFKAM/ONIS Infrared Imaging Spectrograph - Instrument Reference Manual
NICMASS/Coudé Feed Operating Manual    [PDF Version]
IR Cryogenic Spectrometer CRSP    [PostScript]
FLAMINGOS IR Imaging/Spectrograph Information

Telescope Manuals

2.1-meter Observer's Handbook
2.1-m IR Chopping Secondary User's Manual
2.1 Meter LTO Handbook (NOAO only)
Four Meter LTO Handbooks (NOAO only)


Automatic Observing Logs    [PDF Version]
Some basic IRAF docs:
IRAF Beginner's Guide    [PostScript]
A User's Introducton to the IRAF Command Language    [PostScript]
An Introductory Guide to IRAF Scripts    [PostScript]
IRAF documentation site
FTP archive -- KPNO Manuals

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