The Kitt Peak Experience… Like no other

Directions to Kitt Peak

Directions: Kitt Peak is 56 miles southwest of Tucson via State Route 86 on the Tohono O'Odham Reservation. Allow 90 minutes of drive time from Tucson. Take I-10 to I-19 South. Less than 1 mile is Ajo Way/Hwy 86 (Exit 99). Take this exit West (right). Proceed past Ryan Airfield and Three Points. Continue until Junction 386 (Kitt Peak turnoff). Turn left onto 386. The Kitt Peak Visitor Center is located at the summit (12 miles).

Latitude and Longitude Coordinates: 31 57' 32" N, 111 35' 52" W

Elevation: The summit of Kitt Peak is at an elevation of 6,875 feet. People with cardiac and respiratory concerns should be aware that walking paths to several of the telescopes are steep.

Weather: Temperatures on Kitt Peak are 20 degrees cooler than in Tucson. Be prepared with warm clothing.

Public Facilities: No food or gas facilities are available at Kitt Peak. Public rest rooms are located adjacent to the parking lot. A handicap-accessible rest room is located in the Visitor Center.

Please note that Google Maps and MAPQUEST both have directions to the observatory which is on Kitt Peak (the mountain, off of Ajo Road/Highway 86) as well as the observatory headquarters, which is located at 950 N. Chery Ave. Please make sure you use the directions to the mountain (see below).

Map to Kitt Peak, as described above