The Kitt Peak Experience… Like no other

KPVC Imaging Queue

The Imaging Queue is a way for either amateur or professional astronomers to obtain CCD data on an object (or objects) of their choice without coming to Kitt Peak. You get to determine the type of data, how much data is taken, and potentially which telescope is used. This data can either be for a picture or of scientific nature. Our staff schedules the night based on work load and telescope scheduling.

5 types of image data are possible: Grayscale, Short LRGB, Medium LRGB, Long LRGB, and Scientific. The first 4 are varying degrees of picture data, whereas the last is for scientific work exo-planets, variable stars, asteroid searches, etc.

Data will be taken within the month depending on our schedule. Image processing within 2 months from the time of your request. Scientific data is taken on the next scheduled night. Rush jobs are available for an additional fee.

Two cameras are available for taking data: the SBIG ST-6303 and the SBIG ST-402, as well as two telescopes: RC20 and RC16.


Grayscale (up to 30min exposure time): $100
Short LRGB (up to 60min exposure time): $100
Medium LRGB* (up to 3hrs exposure time): $300
Long LRGB (up to “all-night” data collection): $675
Scientific Data: $150/hr

*denotes the typical AOP image

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