The Kitt Peak Experience… Like no other

Daytime V.I.P. Tour

The Kitt Peak Visitor Center is proud to offer a new, not-to-be-missed, all-encompassing tour of Kitt Peak National Observatory!

The special Daytime V.I.P. tour is intended for any group with a desire to learn more in-depth knowledge of the historic and scientifically important observatories on Kitt Peak than the regular daytime tours can offer. Spanning 4 or 5 hours (depending on your schedule), this tour will cover the entire summit of the Mountain. We will start with the World’s largest solar telescope and work our way across a half mile of telescopes and facilities, culminating in a visit to the enormous, 18-story-tall Mayall 4-meter telescope.

This tour can be tailored to the particular needs of your group. We may even be able to take you to parts of the Mountain and show you telescope facilities that the general public almost never gets to see.

Who should consider this Daytime V.I.P. Tour?

Kitt Peak National Observatory telescopes as seen in an aerial view

If you have a group that already wants to attend the Night Observing Program (NOP), consider coming early for a Daytime V.I.P. Tour, making your visit to Kitt Peak as comprehensive and complete as possible.

We are very sorry, but most of our observatories are not handicapped accessible. You must be able to climb two or three flights of stairs and walk at least ¼ mile.


$40 per person ($400 minimum fee for groups fewer than 10)

These special Daytime V.I.P. Tours are by reservation ONLY. Please try to schedule at least two months in advance to ensure your best chance to get the date you want.

For Smaller Groups:

If you are interested in the Daytime VIP Tours, but have a group smaller than 10 people and cannot afford the $400 minimum fee, please consider signing up for our Monthly VIP Tour (held on the 4th Saturday of each month).

For more information or scheduling, call or email:

Robert Martino
Public Outreach Program Coordinator
(520) 318-8736